a unique system for a variety of different working situations

modern companys rely on international teamwork as well as on excellent single performance. that means workplaces must be able to adapt quickly to people and their skills and tasks – from individual creativity to international conferencing situations.


therefore f/p design has developed for koleksiyon an office furniture system, which can be adapted very easily by anybody to any conceivable work situation. four products from the furniture range built the basis of the flexible and simple workspace systems, which transports the spirit of an intelligent office, consisting of coherent elements fitting together in function and aesthetics:


first, the rail system, defining space by curtains and accustic panels, supplies power, connectivity  and light. then the wall system, designed for an open space office, is easy to set-up, move and connect in different ways. further a trolley, which helps to manage work. it provides work materials as well as food and beverages in meeting rooms. and fourth the table, which can be combined together using a sprung connector.


flexibility and application possibilities of the system are shown in the video.


an overview of products and work situations is provided by the brochure.