• at the end of november in a podium discussion five design experts explained numerous aspects of their work. "bergspektiven" -initiator christian kalinke made for an entertaining as well as informative evening, which served a good cause.
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  • the medical technology industry meets again in düsseldorf. an occasion for f/p design to explain the role of medical design in the product development process. in the interview fritz frenkler also takes up the most important aspects.
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  • andreas ringelhan has recently married and changed not only his marital status, but also his name. fritz frenkler and the entire f/p design team at the three locations in munich, berlin and kyoto congratulate katrin and andreas huber.
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  • ktc, a japanese professional tool manufacturer specialized in automotive industry, will showcase its tools at this year’s tokyo motor show. its exhibition communicates its philosophy of user safety and comfort and welcomes audiences with latest digital tool products.

  • ideaboard, a collaborative work by f/p design and kaimen - nkc nakanishi metal works, a japanese metal hardware and component manufacturer, offers super thin and lightweight surface for idea generation and communication in offices, creative spaces and educational institutions.

  • takamiya, a japanese company specializes in temporary lightweight safe structure and structural installation, launched a new brand with overhauled corporate identity to further strengthen and expand its business engagement.

  • "people at the center of robotics and artificial intelligence in medical technology". what role does design play in this context? "most people associate design with aesthetics. but that is only one aspect of our work", this is how moritz segers and andreas ringelhan greeted the guests to their mcbw workshop.

  • Lubrina 2, developed by morita, a japanese medical technology manufacturer, offers automated cleaning and lubrication for a range of dental handpieces through optimized maintenance workflow.

  • from devotion to detail up to the breathtaking perfection of japanese craftsmanship and design, three exhibition catatologs, with contributions from f/p design, tell these storys.

  • “people at the center of robotics and ai in medical technology” is the topic of a workshop, being organized by f/p design during this years munich creative business week (mcbw). registrations are now possible.